We crossed the Turkish Iraq border with only 7 stops and 3 changes of vehicles and arrived in Dohuk with little difficulties.

The Flag of Kurdistan
The Flag of Kurdistan

At least five miles of trucks were lined up on the Turkish side of the border, held up by a thorough border inspection by the Turks…just another harassment of the
Kurds by the Turks.

We have been going at full speed ever since, with little time and internet connectivity to post on this blog. We’ve visited a number of refugee camps and non-profit agencies and we’re out the door again in 15 minutes.

We’re hoping to return to the border by 2:00PM in order to be in Diyarbakir tonight, after which I’ll try to process and capture what I’ve heard and seen.

Fr. Dale - Rock Star
Fr. Dale – Rock Star

In the meantime, it’s great to be traveling with a rock star.  Fr Dale is a big attraction to all the Christian refugee kids. All he has to offer is a blessing, which is exactly what they want.