“There are 800,000 refugees in Dohuk,” Hani Andrews, a UNHCR officer told us, “and last year half of their tents blew down during a massive windstorm.”

But big tent cities are not the only place that refugees are housed. Every possible cubby hole in Dohuk has its share of refugees: in an abandoned shopping mall, in wedding halls, in school dormitories and in other buildings scattered around the city and its suburbs.

We visited one of those sites, a wedding/reception center of the Assyrian

Walls of Boxes
Walls of Boxes

Church of the East that houses three floors of refugees, with each family living behind a stack of boxes that separates them from the other.

As an aside, one of our group of pilgrims to Irag, Greg Rhodes, a very competent photographer, has been posting pictures on Facebook over the past week. You’ll find a link to his Facebook Page in the Links: Traveling Team Facebook Updates page of this website. Continue reading “15 September: Dohuk and thence to Diyarbakir”